Thursday, August 18, 2011

anyone there??

Hello? Anyone there? I swear we are alive...It's the adjustment to a whole new life that's been keeping me from blogging. I told Dev last night that I feel like I just can't adjust yet... like I'm on a bizarre vacation and waiting to go back to my little apartment in my little town when life was simple.  

We finally moved into an apartment which we are still unpacking and I'm hoping over time will feel like it's ours...

Work is going great for me. I am enjoying learning from the people I work with and I know that this job is refining me and helping me to grow.

Dev and I took a break from all our hard work and went black berry picking on Sunday. It was nice to clear our minds and enjoy summer with some fresh yummy berries.
(crappy iphone pics)
 We found some great big ones higher up so we got a little crazy and took his parents tree clipping tool...what? We wanted berries!


  1. oh how fun. and how delicious looking! i must say... i didnt realize that blackberries grew so high!

  2. Oh my goodness that was my favorite summer pass time in Oregon. Our backyard was filled with them. Oh I love me some blackberries!

  3. ok. i need details. where do you live? when are we gunna play? and let's go berry pickin' together. soon.

  4. Hey Becca!!!

    Omgosh do I ever know how you feel. Actually, you put into words what I couldn't. I 1000% feel lost, in a weird- vacation/non-vacation realm..haha so bizarre! I bet having purpose (ie: going to work) helps a lot though! Best of luck with everything! Take care the two of you!