Tuesday, July 5, 2011

scenes from the 4th

This 4th of July weekend was a much needed rest from our busy lives. We went swimming, had bbq's, spent time with friends, played games, and ate a lot of good food. It has been in the 90's here and we are loving it.
On the 4th we went to my aunts for a big party. After we went to watch the big firework show and then came back and had our own little show. Dev is like a little kid when it comes to blowing stuff up.
(my aunt made that, for real! It was delish)
 Do we look alike? I don't think so..but some of my family does.

Love this picture of my grandpa.
My cousin on the tramp
Loving the flip flop tan lines on my aunts feet
The place where we went to watch the fireworks had lots of little food vendors. My mom and I had to go out to find the best ones. We loved the Navajo tacos and the berry funnel cake.
Dev got some awesome shots of the fireworks. We were right underneath them and you could feel your body shake when each one went off. Can you imagine his excitement?

We are so grateful for our freedoms and feel so blessed to live in this country!!


  1. Oh wow I am loving those firework shots! I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend and it was fun seeing you at the lake :)

  2. those firework shots are amazing! i need to learn how to take those kinds of photos!

  3. okay so they are your aunts toes...still love them haha!!

  4. amazing firework shots! love the pic of you and devin. all that food looks DELICIOUS. and yes, you & emma look so much alike!

  5. what great firework pictures! looks like you guys had a fabulous fourth!

  6. Wow. That dessert does look delish! You guys looks so cute and festive!

  7. 1) i love your skirt!! target? love.
    2) i love the 4th!!! best holiday.
    3) that cake is sooo cute. i want to make me one.
    4) i love time with family. its priceles..
    5) those firework pictures are AWEsome.

  8. Hello darling! You won the lipstick giveaway over at my blog and I can not wait to see it on you!! Email me your address:


  9. you did awesome on those shots! I'm loving my feet picture! And yes you and Em do look alike! and I'm so mad that I didn't come get that yummy food!