Friday, July 1, 2011

a letter to BYUI

Dear BYU-I ,
Thank you for the EXCEPTIONAL education. Where teachers made an effort to know my name in every class and personally wanted me to succeed. Thank you for providing me with a beautiful campus where the spirit can be felt. Thank you for the unforgettable friendships that I made, where life long friends will continue to bring happiness to my life. Thank you for allowing me support, and love through some of the most life changing experiences I have had thus far. Thank you for the tithing dollars and scholarship money that allowed me to have an even greater experience. Thank you for allowing my husband and I's relationship to blossom, and where we spent our first 2 years of marriage and our first home together.

In just 3 weeks Dev and I will be done with school! It really is a bitter sweet feeling for me.
 I have loved my experience here. It truly has changed me and I am thankful for my education and how much I have grown. I LOVE BYU-I!!!

Now someone pray we can find some jobs ASAP!


  1. such a cute re-cap of your time in college:) congratulations on graduation!

  2. Yay and hooray! So excited for you guys. I miss BYUI and I am so glad that was the place that began our friendship. xoxo

  3. Wow! Crazy how fast time can fly! Have you guys decided where you will be heading yet?