Friday, July 29, 2011


Taking a break from some major packing......

I don't know about you but I wish I had long beautiful dark lashes. For graduation, my friend Emily gave me some !

How it works? She takes each individual lash (only the top lashes)  and glues a longer lash to it. They last 4-6 weeks and just naturally fall out when your lashes naturally fall out.

I havcn't worn mascara in 2 weeks!
Do you live in Rexburg, Arizona, or Washington? Emily does them for a great price. If you want some lashes too, let me know so I can hook you up!


  1. Becca!! I've been trying to find someone in rexburg who does them before I leave because once i get to california it's extremely pricy and not worth it, can I have her number! thanksss

  2. i think that is such a neat idea. weeks without the mess of mascara!? it's like living in a dream world!

  3. oh so cool!! two weeks with out mascara?? i want some!!

  4. I just started getting lash extensions this summer too! I'm afraid I have become totally addicted. I love not having to wear ANY eye make up at all! hopefully the husband lets me keep it up:)