Saturday, July 23, 2011


I did it! What a great feeling...reflecting on my past 4 years at BYU-I, I feel so blessed and grateful for my family and friends and everything I have taken from my experiences here.

I was most excited to give this guy a huge hug. Love him with all my heart.
The Spori building where I spent most of my time on campus for all my communication classes and where I worked as the secretary of the communication department.
After all the ceremonies we had a desert party. All of my extended family came, along with some close friends and we ate all of my favorite deserts!
My gram's chocolate sheet cake.
 cheese cake
 That would be snicker fruit dip..amazing.

 eh blurry but I love you all
 My family has done so much for Dev and I. I felt so loved and thankful. Hooray for being done.

ps: sorry for some poor quality shots, I was too lazy to edit any of these photos.


  1. what a wonderful feeling!
    congratulations. and... can you send some treats to San Diego??? :]

  2. congrats girly! what an amazing accomplishment and feeling! you look beautiful in all your pics, LOVING your shoes, and i can't believe how long your hair has gotten!

  3. you look gorgeous as always, glowing and all! :)
    And about the DeMeesters...
    Landon's parents went to school with them way way back in the day, so they've been really close family friends. They flew down to our wedding and have been so good and supportive to Landon. That is so crazy! Such a small world. We plan on driving up and staying with them a bit this summer!

  4. Congratulations!
    What a joyful post, I just barely found your blog and I was smiling the entire time. Your smile is gorrgeous btw.

  5. Congrat!! You look beautiful! :)

  6. Congratulations gorgeous girl!! How exciting :)
    You and your hubs are SO cute!
    And snicker fruit dip? That sounds so amazingly yummy! Have you ever tried the fruit dip with heath? That's my favorite!