Tuesday, March 15, 2011


 Dev sneaking a photo while I'm busy..and finding on my camera later

This is what a lot of my days look like lately. Work and school have me transfixed on this Mac of mine. It is still blowing my mind that in only 4 months, Dev and I have no idea what our future holds. We can do and be whatever we want and that is an overwhelming feeling.

Do you ever feel that way?


  1. I'm constantly glued to my Macbook too, oh technology:-) The hubby and I are loving being "settled" for now in our city, but in a few years we have our minds geared up for anything/anywhere. Exciting and intimidating, for sure! xoxo

  2. girl i'm right there with you on being stuck on the computer getting things figured out and landon and i don't know where we will be once we graduate in july too! super scary, but kinda fun to not know!
    and about those fruits...
    yes i agree everything in rexburg is gross, but at broulims they have a sell 2 strawberry baskets for $4 and they are super big and tasty strawberries! i think i'm going back to get more. and they had huge green grapes that were perfect too... only thing is alot of them were bad so you have to search through to find the good bags.
    and we stopped getting the baskets recently because we were getting the same things and landon feels like it's a waste, but i secretly still wish we were getting them because it was always a surprise saturday mornings! have they been good lately?
    k sorry for the mini novel!

  3. I can't wait the time when my boyfriend and I fihish the University and have more opportunities to live together, to spend a lot of time with each other. We are in such a state of excitement in anticipation of this time!


  4. hopped over from brittanys blog because i saw your comment about rexburg produce and had to laugh, i know what you mean. i'm from arizona where we know no winter which means we always have the best fruit.

    but in regards to this post: i know what you mean! it's scary. i can't really imagine not being a student!

  5. I SO remember this feeling! Have I told you I went to BYU-I as well? It's so exciting yet nerve racking to know that you can basically do whatever you want and end up wherever you want...yet you have the stress of figuring it all out.
    P.S. Have you been to joe's filling station in rexburg? They're huckleberry shakes are to die for. I seriously still crave them...even years later ;o)

  6. You'll figure it out girl.

    p.s. your hair looks super long in this pic.

  7. I just found your blog & love it! New follower!! xo

  8. school and work do it for me too. from PC at work to MacBook at home. i'm surprised i'm not entirely blind from it all!