Thursday, March 17, 2011

color blind?

Dev has convinced me that I may be a little color blind when it comes to black and navy blue. Repeated conversations like..
"I like this navy blue shirt" "That is black not navy"

So when Dev and I took some pics of our St. Patty's Day attire, I told him his jacket was blue not green. He says I'm colorblind... but don't you think I'm right?

 I don't know why I didn't realize I still had my sunglasses on...
 And my shamrock socks courtesy of my grams.


  1. I think Devin's shirt looks turquoise. turquoise is a mix of green and blue. So technically you are both correct but i would say Devin could defiantly get away with that color for st. Patty's!

    PS Love your Blog I read it all the time from Germany!

  2. i didn't wear green today and i feel so lame. i wear a "uniform" at work so that's my excuse. but it's still pretty lame.

    my husband is color-blind. like actually, diagnosed color blind. i've only noticed it a couple times... one time we were shopping for some brown shoes for him and i held some up to see if he liked him and he said "i'm not getting purple shoes, kate." hahahaha.

  3. you guys are such a cute couple!
    love your outfit with the green too ;)


  4. His jacket is absolutely not green. I took a color class so you can take my opinion as fact ;) I think HE may be colorblind... :)

  5. it looks blue....maybe he's colorblind

  6. Color blindness only affects males.....So I'm not saying that Devin is wrong, I'm just saying YOU can't be colorblind...hahahahahha

  7. That is totally blue hehe! Love your socks xo