Saturday, March 5, 2011

beauty products

I love to see what beauty products other girls use. I thought I would share with you just a few of my favorite products  and maybe you can share with me what some of yours are!
1. Mac studio fix- I use this face powder and have liked it best so far from all of the cover-ups I have tried
2.Great lash by cover girl- BEST seriously, never flakes off onto my face.
3.Mac turquatic perfume- It is a great price, and I LOVE the smell. I get so many compliments on it.
4.Biolage shampoo and conditioner- Have to buy at the salon but does it's job and smells awesome
5. Prep & prime before I put Mac studio fix on- I use this. It takes any red out of your face and gives a good base. It also helps the makeup stay on longer.
6. I don't have the greatest skin but Cetaphil is light on the skin but cleans well. I don't like the scented facial cleanser, just the cleanser.
7. Olay regenerating serum- I put this on every night. Moisturizes!

So what are a few of your favorites...any new things I should try?


  1. You need to try john frieda's brilliant brunette satin shine finishing cream. Its my fav hair product. I usually put a little in my hair before and after i straighten it. It smells soooo good and doesnt make ur hair greesy :)

  2. I totally use that exact cetephil face wash too! I have beyoooooond sensitive skin and I absolutely LOVE it! such a good idea! I'm copying you on this... :)

  3. That mascara is seriously the BEST! I used to use Benefit Bad Gal Lash, but this one is $12 cheaper and actually better.
    My new favorite product is Psst Dry Shampoo. It's awesome! My hair-lady told me I need to start washing my hair every other day, so I use this in between. It creates awesome volume and my hair actually looks better on the off days. Plus it's like $6 at any drugstore.

  4. i've been looking for a new face wash so i'll definitely have to try cetephil!

    you have such a lovely blog! :)

  5. Soooo... here's a question...As you know, I too use turquatic perfume (thanks to you). I get many compliments on it as well...but I have sensitive skin...have you noticed that you break out on your chest or anything if you spray it directly on your skin? I have to be careful to only scent my clothing because otherwise I'll have awkward bumps on my skin :/ And...I was just going to add that because of the skin sensitivity Aveeno has some GLORIOUS products that I use on my fizzace. Aveeno clear complexion foaming face wash and the matching lotion are DIVINE! They even out skin tone and keep any shine from ruining your day (if you have that problem)

    ok I'm done...