Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day 1

recent pic of me and 15 interesting facts....

ps that dress is not see through- its gold underneath fyi

1. I once jumped in a car that I thought all my friends were in....they were in the other jeep and I was in a car full of random people.
2. I won best laugh in jr. high
3. I am 13 years older then my youngest sister
4. I was married at 20 (can't believe I was so young)
5. I have lived in Seattle, Las Vegas, and Idaho
6. I got second row at the Coldplay concert and touched Chris Martin
7. I played Mary at a nativity in my home town my senior year of highschool
8. Devin and I grew up 10 min. from each other but never  met until I was in college
9. I have a celebrity crush on Zac Efron
10. I have ran 3 5k's and am working on running a 10k next (slow and steady)

Ok 15 is too much people..there is 10.


  1. all these facts make me love you more! you are too cool for school. surriously. :)

  2. best laugh is the best one. i can hear it now....