Monday, November 8, 2010

another tip

Another organizational tip...

Isn't it a pain sorting laundry? This is something that has really worked for Dev and I (especially husband) to keep us easily organized when it comes to our laundry.

This works perfectly in our closet. I bought 2 square laundry baskets, put them side by side. One basket is reserved for whites and lights. The other basket is reserved for darks. Simple as that. Then when you are ready to do laundry just pull out one basket at a time and throw it in the washer!

Do you have laundry organization tips??


  1. That's what we do too! It makes life soo much easier

  2. Hey there Becca and Devin. I was looking at Caden and Joe's blog and came across yours now I am one of your blog buddies. So yeah the laundry I must do it the hard way because I have a basket for the boys and a basket for Paul and I.