Friday, August 6, 2010


This past week we went to California for Devin's family reunion.

There is a big age gap between him and his brothers and the rest of his cousins. I loved watching him interact with all of the little ones. He is going to make a great dad one day. This is some of them at Laguna.

Trying to get our tan on. I looked for new bathing suits online before we went. Every tankini I wanted was sold out..of course. Anyone have any suggestions for bathing suit sites??

Dev and I went boogie boarding and he went skim boarding too at balboa beach. The water was freezing but we had fun.
 One of the nights we all went to the beach for a bon fire to roast marshmallows and walk the boardwalk

We also went to six flags... holy crowded and bad service there. I wouldn't suggest going back, Disney Land is so much more worth it! We did ride x2 one of the best roller coasters in the nation which we loved. was a long day.
We had fun spending time with Devin's extended family. It was a long week and now we are headed to Washington.
More California pictures to come!! Excited to show the next batch of pictures from our trip.


  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun!i recently learned of a good swimsuit sit!,I think you will LOVE that site!

  2. How fun! Balboa is one of my favorite beaches! I can't wait to go skim board is collecting some dust :/

  3. guuuurlll... you are so sexy... you ain't needin' a tankini yet and you know Dev LOVES it. hehehe .. I can't tell you how hard it is to find cute bathing suits.. i will keep checking your comments to see where people suggest!