Friday, August 20, 2010


After being gone almost a whole month we are finally home.
I decided we needed to make a summer dinner. After a day of swimming Dev and I made our grilled pineapple jerk chicken sandwhiches.

I also went to H&M I believe 5 times while I was on vaca. Hence my dress above. I love that store.

We also went blackberry picking. There are a ton of bushes next to Devin's house. We could only stand it for so long because it was so hot out.

We also went out on Lake Sammamish. We both grew up on this lake and we missed it so much.
I love watching Dev do back flips. It's so crazy to me how he can land those.

I still need to steal the pic from my friend but a bunch of my old friends and I got together and went to Lucky Strike in Bellevue. I also got to spend time with my dad and other old friends which I was so glad we did.
On our  12 hour drive home...hate that drive..hate it.

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  1. Love your pictures Becca. It was so nice to spend time with you guys. Love you both!
    Mom Crandall