Saturday, June 26, 2010

island park

Dev and I needed a getaway and we thought island park was the perfect place. My grandparents have an amazing cabin there so we went and visited them for a night. My two other cousins were also up so my grandpa took us for a four wheel ride. We rode to the store to get some stuff for a bon fire. 
Eating a smore. The blue thing I'm sportin keeps mosquitos away, it was my grandparents and I had to try it out. It totally works. 

My gramps roasting away. 
I chatted with my grandma about some of my ancestors. I now know where I get my feisty and stubbornness from.. a few of my great grandma's were super sassy..I told Dev now I have an excuse.
Thanks grandpa and grandma Sessions you always spoil us when we come to visit!

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