Saturday, May 22, 2010


Finally a night to go out with friends. My friend Stasia's bday was this weekend and we went out with friends to celebrate. 
(I look a little frazzled, I needed to nap after a baby shower I through earlier in the day and catching up on sleep from my new job at 4 am every morning- ill explain more in later posts)

Ya, she's gorge I know. And why aren't they married yet still...I know I ask them everyday too.

This picture is my favorite because it describes us 100% never a dull moment with my boy.

The bday girl(on right) I have known Stasia since I was 12. She is one of the wittiest people I know, and she makes me laugh every time I am with her. Happy bday we love you!

Later that night... Oh why am I wearing this fabulous dress again you might ask. My dad brought it up from home and Jamie hadn't seen it yet. I had to try it on for her. Dev and I put on a little wedding show for her and Brent. And plus i need another excuse to wear my dress.


  1. thanks for trying on your dress! that was so fun! and bec, thanks for the compliment...YOU are gorge. love you! love the funny pic of you and devin, totally you two.

  2. oh girl you look good in a wedding dress. and this was a cute post. we need to hang out. I am sick of saying it