Monday, May 24, 2010

baby shower

As a 21 year old it is kind of rare to be experienced in the baby shower throwing field, but  two other girls and I decided to quickly put together a shower for a close friend of mine in my ward. Kelsi was one of my first friends at church and at our apartments a year ago. She is going to be having a baby girl any day and a few of us wanted to through her a little party before Addison comes!  

I made rolls and this amazing spinach salad that I will have to give the recipe for another time.
Caden and Daisy did such a fabulous job with treats and some decorations! 

um. CUTE. little party favors the girls made, little botties with candy inside. These were a hit.

Kelsi and her tiny belly

How did I only get one picture of the rest of the girls? I didn't even get one of Caden who did so much! 

               For a week to plan and a small budget, I think it turned out pretty cute.
                                                   Congrats Kels we love you!

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  1. ah i love all the pictures...definitely copying that exact post on my blog hahah and i need your salad recipe because it was amazing!!