Monday, March 22, 2010

st pattys party

In honor of st patricks day, this Sunday we decided to have an Irish dinner with some friends. Danny and Dani did a great job hosting at the lounge at their apt. complex which is really big and nice.
the hosts, love this pic of them.

We had chicken artichoke, beer bread, potatoes, cabbage, and a yummy desert. 
boys playing pool before desert, they get crazy when they are all together
Dani and Emily
Brent and Jamie
We of course would look the most homely, but I use the excuse that Sundays are for relaxing.. by the way I am not wearing white pants here... they are blue and look a little crazy here. 
We played games and chatted afterwards, never a dull moment with our friends.


  1. so jealous you get to play with those two "basically married but not" love birds all the time. looks like you all have so much fun :)

  2. we ALWAYS are in our PJs on sunday :)

    P.S. I added you to the blog

  3. Bec- I noticed the ketchup on the table!! lol! What did you need the ketchup for? The cabbage? You guys are cute!!