Wednesday, March 17, 2010

socks and a bday

do i need to get a good camera or what... or just use the one i have and not my photobooth
Showing my st patty's day spirit. Dev says he was festive but I told him a turquoise hoodie doesn't count. He has his last big dodge ball game tonight (the tournament), I am so excited to watch. 

Also a happy birthday to Relief Society this week (168 Years old!), with over 6 million women in over 170 countries  This organization has effected me in so many ways. Sometimes I forget how apart of my life it really is. I am grateful that it was ever created and the women all over the world who are apart of it.


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  2. Um i just left a comment but i deleted it because i was logged in under my bosses it said jeffery. ooops!

    That is funny. Our family is huge on that side. So I was looking at at your guys' recent pictures and I totally think that Devin looks similar to one of my brothers, Kevin. I never noticed it before...

    So how much longer do you guys have in school and what are you studying?

    and if you ever come to utah we should definitely meet up.

  3. you are so dang cute! i love the st pattys day socks!!