Monday, November 16, 2009

ok im sorry i have been posting so many of these... but lets face the facts they are so fun and cute. its all jens fault her comment made me do it. ha.

can i just tell you a funny story. its random but i don't care because i think its funny. sometimes dev and i like to tell each other funny stories of us when we were little kids. im sure you can tell we were both quite the characters. one time i told him how i tried to run away when i was like 6 because my mom wouldn't let me wear shorts outside when it was raining. and then he told me about a time when he decided he wanted to run away so he packed a pb&j, got a stick and wrapped his sandwich up in a towel and tied it to the stick... just like the movies, and then wondered around the forest in his back yard. seriously i role on the floor every time i make him tell me that story. one day i hope i have a cute little devin... minus the insane crazy boy side.


  1. this is what i am talking about. its not weird that im obsessed with you right? nooooo, we have known each other awhile, ok cool i dont feel so weird

  2. Just found your blog and I'm very excited I did! You guys are so cute! LOVE your haircut (even though it probably happened months ago...)!