Wednesday, November 18, 2009

cant believe this happened

can i tell you another story that happened to me today....
i will because it was one of the most random things to happen to me i about died after it happened. i will spare you every little detail and give you the main ideas

i was leaving my religion class and waiting outside for dev to pick me up when one of the kids from my class came up to me and asked if i had been in one of his classes because i looked really familiar. i told him no i hadn't but he looked familiar too.
we got to chatting about where we were from blah blah blah for like 5 min. and some other stuff and then

"well i don't know what you are doing after thanksgiving break or if you are seeing anyone... but i was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?"

my reply "umm actually i am see.. well actually im just married"

his reply "o wow i wasn't even looking at your ring, im so sorry" (red faced totally embarassed)

my reply "thats ok, ok ill see you in class, see ya "

AWKWARD. the poor guy its hard enough to ask a random girl out and then on top of that the dang girl is married.
i told dev about the story and the first thing he said was well was he cute?
i have been married for almost a year and haven't dated anyone else for over 2 years now... to say the least, i forgot boys even noticed me anymore.
so funny.


  1. hahaha that IS a funny story! poor guy. i hate awkward moments like that. whenever guys talk to me at school i try to mention my husband or baby casually at the beginning of the conversation so things can't get too awkward... although sometimes it does once i mention that, seeing the shock on their face...

  2. HAHAHA! Becca! I love that story! It's so funny the best pick up lines lately include, "Do I know you? You look familiar... where are you from?" Because it's so casual but then... they spring the whole, well let's hang out! Thing and then you know... haha and Also, Let me just tell you how funny I think Devin is because he asked you if he was CUTE! HAHA!