Wednesday, March 4, 2009

some of this some of that

married life is still fun as ever and only one more month until we go back to school. i have mixed emotions about this. i have loved being home with this little love of mine... emma not that weird dog
butt im ready to get into my very own little environment (even though i know i will miss seattle terribly since devin and i are obsessed) and new home. i cant wait to use my turquoise kitchen aid! Devin and I turned into cooking machines while his parents were out of town we decided if we didn't cook dinner for his brothers they would be eating cereal every night. can i just say we are amazing chefs. we cooked fajitas to chicken dishes to sweet and sour pork to peach cobler. we decided its one of our new hobbies together. too bad i again forgot my camera to document but we got one from my mac *emma got in there some how and im eating while i cook in my funny apron 

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  1. She is going to miss you terribly, I guess I am too. Love you guys!!