Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"every night your mine"

how i love cuddling with my hunny on a small chair reading a book and falling asleep on his shoulders while he watches 24. then we cuddle in our warm bed and he says in my ear, "every night your mine". 

life is good. the sun shinning and snow still on the ground, we went to the temple this morning and was reminded of the great promises marriage brings. 


  1. i got the chills when i read that bec. im thankful for your example of what love can be like. i love you girl. cya in the rex so soon!!

  2. i love this. so simple but SO perfect. i love you.

  3. i love that ina small way your hubby tells you he will always be there with you! so awesome n cute!

  4. WOW!! I am so glad you guys are so close. Always remember these times they will carry you when you are going down hard roads or even not so hard roads. You are awesome, both of you. What a great place to go back and visit always and frequently. I couldn't be more proud of both of you. Work hard in school!! We will miss you!!!
    Love Mom