Sunday, February 15, 2009

lovers day

ok these are all out of order from end of day to beginning but oh well. anyway valentines turned out to be quite festive and fun. 
*devin was embarrassed to take this picture in the resturant but i made him anyway.
devin and i went to outback with some of the gift cards we got from out wedding. *notice our valentine colors we are wearing.. we also went to a free movie, TAKEN. It is the best movie. We loved it. There is tons of action and we were drained from it all after it was over.

this is emma my 7 year old sister. we got in dressed in pink and delivered sugar cookies to our neighbors. 
aren't i a good wife?? I woke devin up to breakfast in bed with a brand new ipod! he looks very awake here.
notice the heart shaped pancakes, (homemade syrup),hashbrowns, eggs, strawberries... IPOD. 
i want to become a good little baker.. not just because I'm a wife now but because i want to have lots of fun parties at my house so people will want to come hang out with us (not that people dont want to hang out with us). so i decided to make sugar cookies and decorate with this little kit from williams and sonoma that my aunt wendy bought for my mom. we have every decorating kit and i love to use them. 

final product... ok im still learning. they were defiantly eatable, i brought them to devin's work and gave them to all the kids that work there.. they said they were good. ill take their word for it. but im gonna keep trying to perfect them. ps. isn't my moms valentines plate cute that i borrowed?


  1. how cute bcca! i bet you are SUCH A GOOD WIFE! you sure seem like it!
    what guy doesnt love a girl that can cook?or bake

  2. ooooh my gosh. stinking cute becca!!! i cant wait to hang out with you guys in rexburg!!!

  3. You did a great Job!! You are a good little wife. I am proud of you.

  4. You will have to practice your baking skills one more time since I was out of town when you made the cookies. Hope you're loving life.

  5. Awww Becca! Look at you being such a cute little wife! Are you just loving the married life?! I still can't believe it.