Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a few more things

I forgot to mention a few things in my last post. I failed to say that I got the cutest pair of steve madden boots that I have wanted for a longgg time. Thanks Devin I love you!

Took this when we were driving along Lake Sammamish on V-day. We live in such an amazing place. I love Seattle. 
HAHAH. Devin's mom got us some cute gifts from IKEA for our house and put a sleeping mask in there because Devin always sleeps with his eyes half open. Instead we just took funny pictures with the mask. I think it looks like a little bra is stuck to his head. we laughed forever. 


  1. haha girl,it does indeed looklike a lil bra ON his head! i love ya!stay cute!

  2. i wanna see a picture of hte boootts