Sunday, December 7, 2014

For Thanksgiving we drove the 12 hours to Idaho to be with my extended family. The drive was long, but I was proud of our babe for doing so well the whole way through. 
This was the first time my whole family on my mom's side was all together in what seems like forever. My sister even surprised us all and flew in the night before. We had such a great time together. I'm so glad that we stayed a full week. We actually got to do everything that we wanted while we were there. (I stole these pics from my sis)
 We usually have Thanksgiving at my grandparents house. They live in a tiny little town that only has a few hundred people in it. Because there was almost 50 of us, we decided to have Thanksgiving at the local church building since there was more room there. At first I wasn't happy about that but it ended up being so much fun. We played lots of games and could chat easier with everyone spread out.
 One thing Devin loves to do in Idaho is go shooting. One of my cousins got a gun on black Friday so all of us went shooting one day.

So thankful we got to make such fun memories! 

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