Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Some iPhotos from our trip to San Diego.....

This was outside of our hotel before we headed to the beach. Chloe's baby always has to come with us where ever we go. 
 I was really proud/surprised that Chloe did so well with jumping in the pool with this little floaty around her. Ps. she also pooped in the potty for the first time randomly while we were there. She just told me she had to go and I set her on the toilet and she went! I think we may try potty training once we get back from Idaho for Thanksgiving
 Every day in the late afternoon we would relax by the pool. These two were sharing chips.
 Holy cow am I glad this was as far as we traveled. Any longer and we would all go crazy. Chloe lasted an hour before she turned into a lunatic.
 We made it a point to find reallyyy good food while we were there. SO glad we have the Yelp app on our phones. We found some true gems. Our favorite was this random hole in the wall authentic Mexican food. Everything was SUPER cheap and the menu was in Spanish. It was so freakin good we had to go twice.
 In and Out is like Starbucks in WA. It was packed every time we drove by. We had to get a few shakes since it was right next to our hotel.
 A random selfie...and chewing on gum. Gum is her latest obsession.
 The San Diego temple blows my mind. I got a little emotional while we were walking around it. I can't believe my church builds beautiful buildings for such beautiful purposes. Thankful we could drive by it our last night.
 One of the nights we went into the city for dinner. We found this BBQ restaurant (BBQ is our favorite). This place was where Top Gun filmed a scene. It was fun and so good!

I can't say enough how much fun we had. SO thankful we could make these memories together just the 3 of us! I love my little family so much. 

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  1. Fun pictures! Looks like such a great time. So happy your little family got to go on this vacation together! -Jamie