Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Baby proofing is at its all time high right now. Our side table next to our couch has now become Chloe's magazine reading space. 
The other day we had a play date with our pal Makhi. There is a great cafe down the road from us specifically made for mamas and their babies. So glad my friend Jamie pointed it out to me. It will be a great place for us to go, especially on rainy days.

Over the weekend we went to Bellevue so we asked Devin's parent's to meet us for dinner. Chloe had her first milk shake.
 The funniest thing happened Sunday. Dev and I were cuddled on the couch and we looked over to see that Chloe had found her diaper changing mat and a diaper and was trying to change her baby. So Devin and her put her baby in Chlo's jammies and diaper and tucked her into 'bed'. 
It's weird to say, but I notice very helpful and motherly qualities about Chloe. She likes to take care of things and help clean. I love it!
 Sad day but we almost have to say goodbye to the white boots. Chloe still has tiny baby feet so it was hard finding anything with a sole on the bottom of it. She is out growing the boots and so we just got these new Tom's.
Over the weekend I also celebrated my friend Lori's birthday. We had a late night pj party since we all have kids. I have loved living in the Bothell area. I have made some really great friends in my ward. 


  1. That cafe sounds amazing! Wish I had one those around me here in England!

  2. Newest follower, what a sweet family you are!!! Your little lady is adorable!!!