Saturday, January 18, 2014

The minute you get out of high school, time seems to go by so much faster. This weekend Devin and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Even saying 5 years freaks me out. So many big life events have happened for us this first part of our marriage. I think we make a really great team. I love living life together with him!

Since it was on Friday, Dev took the whole day off work to spend time with me and Chlo. In the evening his parents came to watch the babe and I told him where we were going was a surprise. We went to a jazz restaurant in Belltown. It was one of our first dates and I loved it. It's fancy, different jazz bands play every night right in front of you, and the food is great.

 It didn't hurt that our waiter gave us a complimentary cheese cake for our anniversary!
Cheers to many more years! I love LOVE. 

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  1. I love: "I love LOVE." -so heartwarming putting it that way. Come over again soon! I was so wrapped up in cleaning when you came that I didn't make time to say hi. These are such fun, interesting blog posts. I'm impressed with your attention on variety of food choices for Chloe's & you don't need any help at all I say. Your attention to detail on this & other childhood development topics is impressive!