Friday, October 4, 2013

Life according to my iphone lately...

We were joking with some friends about Chloe being a baby model. I looked online and saw Zulily likes to have local models come in for their site (they are based in Seattle). I sent a photo in and the next thing I knew Chloe was on set! It was a fun experience and I'm glad I took my friend Stasia along for the fun. Next week she will be on the site 2 different days.
 We went to a wedding last weekend. Chloe had her first real kiss with baby Brody. And they even got down on the dance floor!
 I heard some banging while I was doing my makeup and looked down to find Chloe had taken everything out of the drawer and got stuck. This was the first time she has crawled into something. She didn't make a sound except for her head hitting the top shelf. I was cracking up.
 I have a feeling she will be a helper when she gets older. She loves to help me do chores. Her favorite is 'folding laundry'.
 Devin's softball is almost over for the year and boy are we  sad....
 My brother in-law and also my cousin called me up when Fall semester at BYU-I started a few weeks ago saying there was a giant photo of me in one of the buildings. Then I remembered in my photography class my last semester we took photos of each other and someone decided to use this photo for their final project. A little embarrassed of it but made for a good laugh.

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