Monday, October 14, 2013

I've been thinking about my Grandpa a lot. All of the memories I have with him, his personality traits, what he has done with his life. He is very ill and is dying with only months left to live.

As I have talked with my Grandpa's siblings and my parents I have observed something incredibly interesting and touching.

My dad has suddenly become the rock on which my grandparents must lean on. They have expressed how deeply comforted they have felt knowing my dad was coming to Idaho for a long period of time to take control of the situation and watch over them as things unravel. It's almost as though my grandparents are now the children needing my dad as my dad once needed them.

It really has opened my eyes to the relationships we create with our parents as children. I can't imagine that roll having to switch for me one day, although reluctantly I know it will.

Devin was just as close with my grandpa as I was and we are very sad about this news. We are hoping to make a trip to see him within the coming weeks as a last goodbye.

I love my grandpa and thank my Heavenly Father that he has allowed him to bless my life. 

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