Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yesterday I turned 25. Devin wasn't able to make it home until 8 at night but he made sure to make the morning extra special for me. Later I went shopping with Chloe and out to dinner with some girl friends. Devin and I plan to celebrate more over the weekend.

Chloe was a good little babe all day. I kept telling her I knew she was being extra good because it was my special day.
One of my favorite gifts Dev got me was this bracelet. I LOVE dainty jewelry and I love how beautiful this is. He always seems to surprise me with the best gifts.
This past week I thought a lot about my 24th year of life. I feel like I experienced new things and changed as a person as many aspects of my life changed. It was good and I needed it. I'm thankful for life experiences that help me to grow and learn because they let me become the person I am supposed to. Cheers to hoping my 25th year brings more fun experiences! 


  1. Happy birthday! Chloe is sooo cute! I love when you post pictures of her :) That bracelet is so beautiful, good job Devin!

  2. I love dainty jewelry too and that is the exact word I use to describe it too!

  3. LOVE the bracelet! And really, could Chloe be any more of a ray of sunshine than she already is?? Absolutely not!!! Such a doll baby!!!

  4. Chloe is SUCH a doll! You're hubby is pretty great because that bracelet is pretty amazing ;)

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