Monday, August 5, 2013

long over due considering she will be 9 months next week...

  • Lovesss animals and little kids and tries to kiss and hug them
  • Front 2 teeth are coming in strong!
  • She grabs on to everything to stand up
  • Eating big people food...when she feels like it. Still no baby food. 
  • She gives kisses!
  • She is changing so much everyday it blows our minds. 
  • We find this girl standing in her crib now always with a huge cheesy grin. 
My friend told me the other day she thought Chloe had a genuine look of love and sunshine in her eyes. I couldn't have said it better myself.  


  1. she looks like Emma in these pictures!

  2. She totally does :) LOVE these photos!! HOW do you get her to hold still?? I don't think I could ever get Makhi to sit in a chair for a picture haha! Love her sweet smile!!!