Monday, May 6, 2013

We have been SO happy to see a week of sun here in Seattle. On Friday we went to the Sammamish slew and had a picnic. Chloe loved to look at the ducks. Those dumb things get so close to you I thought one was going to eat my leg. Saturday we went to the lake with my aunt and uncle (they are our age) for lunch and ice cream after and then went to our pool. Sunday we went to church, went for a long walk and had Devin's family over for a Mexican dinner for Cinco De Mayo.

 I got this thing for her for Easter and she can't figure it out yet.
 She loves to chew on water bottles and glass cups like crazy.


  1. 4th picture down....soooo beautiful!

  2. I didn't know you lived in Seattle! We went for the day last week (I'm based in Vancouver right now) and loved every minute of it! it was a gorgeous blue sky sunny day (which everyone kept telling us was extremely rare!) live in a very cool city!

  3. your daughter is seriously adorable! what beautiful pictures!