Thursday, January 31, 2013

(practicing in her carrier for our trip on the plane. She doesn't last very long in it. I may have to just carry her)


watching: The Kardashians and Real Housewives. I don't care what anyone says...I LIKE these trashy shows. I usually catch up on them at night when Dev can spend time with Chlo and I can get in some relaxation time in.

thinking about: Flying to Idaho next week...alone...with Chloe. I am beyond nervous to fly with her by myself and also to just spend 8 days away from her comfort zone. Also hoping she won't forget who Dev is and she will continue to sleep through the night.

reading: 'Gone Girl'. I am liking the story line..not so much liking the profanity in it. Also reading 'Happier at Home' which is the sequel to 'The Happiness Project'. I liked the first book but I find the second one to be a little repetitive and hasn't kept my attention much. 

celebrating: It's almost the weekend! I LOVE the weekends because we finally get some family time in. 

making me happy: Working out. I cannot stress enough how getting exercise makes you feel so energized and healthy. It's been more difficult with the babe but it is SO worth it. 
Also making me happy is the realization these past couple weeks of how amazing and powerful motherhood is. A mother literally helps a child to learn and grow into the person they will become. It is more profound to me now that I actually am a mom. I can't believe I am teaching a human being things she will need to know for the rest of her life, everyday.


  1. I love those shows too except I can only watch them on Hulu so I'm like a year behind. And you are looking amazing!!

  2. Love the blog layout!! What a cute photo!!

  3. Cute blog layout! I am also reading Gone Girl *when I have time* :)

  4. Wow, she is absolutely the cutest! My little does not like her carriers either! Newest follower!