Sunday, October 7, 2012

Here are some little glimpses of our little girl's room. I think we will add/change a few more things but for now it's all ready for her to get here. I really wanted a simple and light room for her and hopefully it will be a sweet place for us to spend time together. 

Some special things in the room:
Beautiful quilt was a gift made by some of my closest friends
Fringe garland from my friend's wedding which was inspired by an Anthropologie window display
One of my favorite scriptures print designed by Devin and I 
Photo taken in Seattle by Kristen 
Rocking chair was redone and made by my mom


  1. SOOOO cute. Love the "rubies" print. Adorable. I wish I could design like you!!

  2. It's perfect Becca!! I love the white with the pops of color! The "she is more precious than rubies" print is so sweet. Her little shoes melted me. Can't wait to meet this angel!! I love the room!

  3. Seriously soooo cute. It is so organized. Love the pictures and rub. So her name starts with a C? Cannot wait to see this little princess.

  4. awww I love it! so cozy and darling!! love the baskets you found! and the walls! shes going to love it :)

  5. LOVE the room! You should put it on Pinterest! What a cute Mommy & Daddy! I want that print to put in Allie's room but maybe in black/white to match.

  6. wow, i'm impressed!! very pretty & elegant. The little one is going to love it, big plus on the brightness :)