Thursday, September 6, 2012

While I was in Idaho I went up to Rexburg to visit friends one day and another to explore the town and campus with my mom. 

Yes, I am aware I look 9 months and am sadly only 33 weeks. I am running into everything and everyone is running into me.
 The campus was gorgeous as always. While we were at school Devin worked as a landscaper on campus for 2 years so I had to take a few photos to show him how great it looked.


  1. you look awesome! ugh those pictures make me miss rexburg sooo bad and all our fun times!!

  2. You look adorable becca! You are still tiny!!

  3. Oh my goodness I miss Rexburg! You only have a big belly because there was nowhere for the baby to go but out...count that as a great blessing because if all the weight is belly- it goes super fast afterward! You look great!