Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dev and I had the greatest weekend and I am so mad we didn't bring our camera anywhere we went, so a few iphone photos it is!
Friday Devin took me on a surprise date canoeing on Lake Washington by UW. I have been wanting to do this forever because it is so beautiful down there and the perfect summer activity. I was soo excited when we got there. Afterward we went out to this yummy brewery in the U district and then got baby her crib and bed skirt.

Saturday morning we put together the crib and finished the changing table. Her room is slowly coming along.
We headed to our apartment's pool and swam for a bit. I don't know how pregnant women swim. I feel like a bowling ball is weighing me down! After we decided to check out the outlet malls not too far from our house. I really haven't gotten our gal any outfits yet, so we went on a hunt for a few cute items and left with a little skirt, socks, and jeans.
Although I lived in Las Vegas for 5 years, I still have never gambled. The outlet mall is right next to one of Washington's only nice casino resorts so we decided why not put down 10 bucks for the fun of it.

We were laughing like crazy because we had no idea what the heck we were doing and I'm gambling at 7 months pregnant. Every time Dev would play he would lose us money and I kept winning us some. Once we had lost about 4 bucks from his excellent skills I sat down one last time and ended up winning us 11 bucks. So we decided to cash out then and left with 22 bucks!


  1. Sweeet deal! I want to go blow some cash now..haha..Ps. pregos don't swim, I tried in the lazy river once and rexburg looked ridiculous!

  2. Freaking cutest skirt! I want it in my size. For reals. Haha.