Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One of my summer traditions is picking up some summer reads. Here is what I have been reading this month.

I borrowed this from my friend Dani and just finished it. I HIGHLY recommend it. It takes place in Nazi Germany and the one telling the story is a bit shocking.  I loved it.
A lot of online bloggers have raved about this book so I am currently in the middle of this one. I have been weary of reading pregnancy or parenting books, because I hear a lot of women get anxiety reading them. So far I have learned a lot and hope to implement some things I'm learning  from this book but I would agree it could make you feel a tad inadequate.

I really love books and hoping to get into a few more in August once we get settled into our new apartment this coming weekend which I am over the moon about getting into. 

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  1. ok I read the book thief last spring when I was pregnant and loved it too!!! But I bawled my eyes out! Great book!