Sunday, June 10, 2012

Here is our little Sunday school class we teach (there used to be 13 of them but we split the class in half) They are 5 years old...sometimes a handful but sure are cute!

Our niece Ella was in town this weekend so we visited her and her mom Melissa. She was totally snuggling up on me and giving lots of kisses! She will be one in a month!
Moments before we went into our ultrasound- nervous and excited (Kate looks really good in this pic).
Dev plays softball every Thursday. I go on a Target run the first half and then come back to finish the ending of the game every week. is the first peak of our little baby GIRL!! To say we are EXCITED and still in shock is an understatement. Last week felt pretty surreal getting to see her. We feel very blessed.


  1. such a beautiful little profile shot! what a blessing!

  2. the ultrasound picture made my heart skip a beat!! time flies she will be here so soon. call me this week when you're not busy!

  3. ditto to lisa's comment! bet it was so amazing to see her through the ultra sound. your baby girl will be adorable!