Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update from the past couple weeks:

Devin's grandma turned 80 a few weeks ago and so the whole family came into town and threw her a surprise birthday party. It was pretty special to see one woman surrounded by such a huge family she created.

Devin and my dad went on a trip to the cost to go clam digging. I decided not to attend considering being pregnant out on the cold wet dirty beach didn't sound fun. My dad is an exceptional chef and so when they did come back they made me a delicious dinner.
We also ventured out to Seattle a few weeks ago to get some of the best mac and cheese down by Pike Place Market. They make the cheese right in front of you and it is to die for!


  1. Where is this mac and cheese place? I need to go next time we are in seattle!

    1. It is one of the little shops on that brick road right on Pikes it's called Beecher's!! You will DIE!

  2. Love that 1st picture! And I hope to see some pictures of you soon. Things still going good with being pregnant?