Monday, April 16, 2012

Devin and I have felt so much love with this baby and I feel so grateful to have so many people who are just as excited (or more excited if we're talking about my mom and sisters).

I really hesitated sharing our news. Recently, a few friends and relatives have had miscarriages and so I have been nervous for the health of my baby as well. I do know however that the support from others is much appreciated and so I know if something does happen we will only be loved and taken care by those around us.

As far as life in general, I recently quit my job. My position was changing and I knew I needed to move on. Once I found out I was pregnant it made things even more difficult as I began to get really sick. I was sad to leave but feel a lot of relief so that I can focus right now on trying to feel better (hopefully this nausea will be on it's way out in the next couple weeks).

A lot of changes around here but we feel very blessed!! 


  1. That's so very exciting :) can't wait to see all your cute prego posts!

  2. Becca- congratulations- the first little while is a little nerve racking, but just know so many people are behind you- good luck to you throughout the whole adventure! p.s. how far along are you?

  3. So exciting! You are going to be such a great mom. I know that pregnancy can be scary, but you are in our prayers. Miss you!