Thursday, March 15, 2012

My good friend Stasia got married last weekend. I am so happy she found the love of her life. Although I was beyond tired from our sleep over the night before, and the weather sucked...everything else was SO beautiful!

Getting ready to go to the temple at the Bellevue Hyatt. 
 Her dress was out of this world! I want to steal it and wear it for fun. It even had pockets! I wish I got up close of the detailing because it really was beautiful.
 Her niece Story who is a gem.

 For some reason Dev thought it would be funny to take a photo like this...?
I am so mad I didn't take more photos of the decor but I was too busy eating the delish food and chatting it up with old friends. She went for an Anthropologie theme, the reception was in this gorgeous barn and it turned out so beautiful.
Lastly, I liked this photo Dev took of their dj- Kham.
It was a wonderful day. So so happy for my dear friend. Love you Stasia.


  1. LOVE your shoes, and I didn't know Lisa was pregnant, when's she due?

  2. I. LOVE. HER. DRESS! And the bridesmaids...oh! Just gorgeous!


  3. Dev's pic is very funny. I also love that you can see my ganglion cyst on my wrist in the bridesmaid picture. haha

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