Saturday, January 21, 2012

I noticed that every now and then, or if we moved my mom would always take photos of our home. I always questioned her reasoning, and even thought what a waist of film! Now that I am older and have our own home I want to take photos of our home too. It's good to remember your old homes and what they used to look like. I am glad she took those photos years ago because now the parts my memory doesn't pick up, the photos do.  So I took a few shots of bits and pieces around our home so we can remember once we have moved on to another place.

Vintage cameras my sister and mother-in-law gave me
 Anthropologie towels I just got
 Photos  in living room
 A favorite book we read together
My grandma's bowl she gave to me when I told her I loved it- she got it as a wedding gift
 I love cake stands and having treats out for friends


  1. Love your house. Very cute! Come take pictures of my apartment!!

  2. That cake stand is adorable. My mom takes pictures of our house too, we've moved 4 times and it is always nice to look through old pictures of houses that we used to live in.