Wednesday, December 21, 2011

sleigh ride

The other night we went to Mountain River Ranch for a little Christmas fun. When you pull up there are a few little cabins, a camp fire, and a big cabin all lit up  with lights and classic Christmas music blaring. We walked into the big cabin to check in and get some apple cider. Then we waited for the horses to pick us up.

Me and my sister  Emma in front of one of the little cabins. We wore a million layers since it was in the low 20's that night.

Then we jumped on our sleigh ride that took us through some woods that had lights everywhere which lead us to another cabin. Inside we were served a steak dinner and performers played Christmas music. 

We took the sleigh ride back to our cars and called it a night after ward. It was pretty magical and I'm so happy I finally got to take a sleigh ride!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! we miss you guys!! hope youre havin fun!!!

  2. That is sooo cool. I wish they had something like that here!