Sunday, December 4, 2011


Ok I am REALLY going to try to not use my iphone for taking so many pics after this, I promise!

This weekend we hung out with David and Ali and made sugar cookies..and attempted to frost them.

We are grateful we have them here, it makes us miss the old times with all of our friends together at school!
And today we have to say goodbye to Petey. My family dog who now lives with my dad. My highschool friends can attest that I dispised him then when he used to eat my lip gloss and underwear.

But I have grown to love him over the years. We have babysat him for 2 weeks (sneakily and against apt. rules) and now have become a little attached. In fact Dev is out taking him for a walk now.
For now he can go back to keeping my dad company but if we ever move out of an apartment we might adopt him!


  1. yay for cookie decorating with friendS! :) they turned out so beautiful!

  2. We watch our family dog at our apartment against rules too.

  3. your apartment looks cute!! those cookies also look bomb haha. want to see more pics of your place!