Sunday, November 13, 2011

New food

This weekend Dev and I got together with my uncle and his girlfriend (my uncle is practically my cousin because we are only 8 years apart)

We decided we need to explore the city more and try new restaurants. We got some recommendations from some friends drove around and finally decided on Serious Pie in Seattle.

You walk in and they take you upstairs where you are at the top of the building close to the ceiling. It was a very intimate setting and they make pizzas in a big fire oven right next to you.

These pizzas were not your ordinary kind. We got the rosemary and potato and sausage and pepper. They were DELISH
We also heard the spiced cider was a must...and it was!
Then for desert we decided to go to another place called Dilatante. We all ended up eating off of each others plates but Dev and I ordered the raspberry cheesecake!
Now that we have a whole list of new hidden places to eat, I can't wait to explore and try them out!


  1. that pizza looks sooooo goooood! fun times! :)

  2. Tell us them all off your list when you go and what you think, so we know where to go next time we are up there!