Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lately -(long post of pics)

Last week Dev surprised me with a brand new white very first one! It was my late birthday present and he totally tricked me into thinking it would be forever until I got one...I am lovingggg it and so I thought I would post some iphone/ instagram pics of what we have been doing lately.

Date night: Dev and I went to his favorite restaurant- Sushi Land

More from the pumpkin patch

Fall leaves in Seattle are gorgeous. Dev and I are on the look out for some amazing leaves to photograph soon. This one does not do it justice.
Halloween nails and my boney fingers
Our friend Dane and his fiance Angela took us to the Seattle chocolate factory. Loving our fancy hair nets.

We went to the University Mall next to UW and saw that Microsoft was putting on a huge concert. OneRepublic was performing and the Black Keys performed the day before. I was a little bummed we missed the Black Keys actually. Either way it was a blast...and FREE!
They were also handing out free smoothies, pulled pork sandwiches, ponchos, and water. Of course we had to take pics on the Microsoft red cheesy balls!!

We went to our friends Brandi and Darren's house to carve pumpkins and snack on lots of food! We are VERY proud of ours this year....
Edward and Bella from Twilight! haha
Darren made the Space Needle which also was awesome!
Brandi made these incredible pumpkin seeds that I have been snacking on ever since and will be posting the recipe shortly! 
Our fall season has been going pretty well and we are enjoying all the festivities!


  1. about time for a blog post! its been a while!

  2. Ummmmmm excuse me! What about our date night! Why didn't THAT make the blog??? It's cause I Hate pictures of myself isn't it??? HAHAHAHA

  3. Love your photos - and your nails look so cute for Halloween! New reader :)

  4. Looks like a busy week, great pics! Mmmm...chocolate factory...

  5. Look at your cutie life! Ok I know you hate your fingers, but I love love love the nails. Miss you becca!

  6. I have a droid, but my husband has an iphone and I love playing with his apps, especially the instagram. I love that it takes such great pictures, no heavy equipment necessary. These pictures are great.