Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guest Blogger

Hey everyone this is Devin (Becca's Husband) guest blogging today. Becca's all about the blog so i figured I would get on here and do a post for fun.

So the other day Becca was gone doing something and i didn't know what to do with myself for dinner. We recently bought some panda express orange chicken sauce from Costco. I decided to give it a try. It turned out good... so i took a picture knowing she would want to blog about it.


On a day off this past week I went out with Dane to the Snohomish River to catch some salmon. The salmon are running up the rivers right now to lay eggs and are jumping all over the place.

 Nevermind me looking like Tom Sawer.. I had to jump in after my fish fell off my hook. I fit in with the rest of the red necks though.
 Danes Fish

We caught a total of 4 but only pulled in 3.  


  1. nothing wrong with looking like a redneck... i live in a community with them :)
    loved the post by dev!

  2. I have a did you bread the orange chicken? My bottle says to go online and find the recipe, but it's not on their site. So my bottle has been sitting there for 4 months. :( Help.

  3. this is so cute/hilarious to me!
    "i knew becca would want to blog about it" i died. haha. you two are so cute!

  4. How cute is this post?? I love that Devin took a picture because you'd want it blogged :) Haha the things we teach our husbands :)
    (Now if only I could teach mine to do cute guest posts on my blog!)