Monday, June 27, 2011

Baseball game & dinner

ps. A few people have asked me about my website portfolio I recently made.  Dev knows HTML coding. We built it ourselves, no template.

This weekend we went with our friends to the Idaho Falls baseball game and then to a new restaurant we hadn't tried yet. That food was gooodddd and I'm pretty sure really fattening.
Dev cracks me up

Lisa snapping some shots at the game
Miles playing with Joe. Love Baby Miles so much and he's not even mine!
Dev getting into the game
Go Chuckers!
At the game they had a little set up where people could pay a dollar to see how fast they could through the ball. Tommy set a record of 85...he was pretty proud...and his eyes are closed again. haha
One of the BEST things about Idaho- it's BEAUTIFUL sunsets. Seriously.