Monday, May 2, 2011


I so appreciate all the kind messages from my last post.

...this weekend Dev and I went to my cousin Allie's baptism. In my church you are baptized at age 8- the age of accountability, where you can chose to be baptized and also know right from wrong. Of course you can always be baptized if you convert later in life as well.
 She was baptized by her dad at the church and then a YUMMY lunch was held after.
One of my aunts brought mini cupcakes from the Cocoa Bean. They were DELISH!
My sister Emma, Allie, and my other cousin Olivia. I love that these 3 love each other so much. So fun to have cousins the same age.
We love you Allie and are so proud of you!


  1. Awww. congrats on your cousin's baptism! Lovely pictures by the way. =)

  2. Do baptisms make you cry? They make me cry, esssspecially when it's a Dad and child. *waterworks* Also those cupcakes are unreal...much like your shoes.

  3. Awwww... Congrats on your cousin's baptims!!!
    Those pictures are lovely!!!

  4. Yeah, I never had cupcakes like that at my baptism. Deftly looks like a great time. Becca you look great as usu ;)

  5. So cute!! Bec-please get me copies of all those pics, I didn't get many! Thanks for coming and supporting her! love ya!

  6. those cupcakes look delicious and your shoes are awesome. give them to me.