Thursday, March 3, 2011

twisty buns

I have been finding some amazing hair tutorials lately. I found this one on cup of joe and tried to replicate it!

 I'm going to try this one next!


  1. oh how fun, yours turned out great! i just saw both of these blog browsing... i will have to give them a try, only bummer is sometimes my hair is too heavy to use only bobby pins :(

  2. Hey Thanks for finding my blog! Guess what? I went to BYU-I and graduated from there a year ago. Small world eh? That is awesome that you work for Edelweiss by Sarah. Love her stuff :)

  3. i think you did a pretty good job copying those little buns. i am hopeless when it comes to updos on myself!

  4. I love these! I've always been too scared to try it, but yours look amazing!

    Oh, just love your blog. You guys are so cute!

  5. i'd say you did seriously good.